New colors in Santa’s workshop

Bamboo Santa gives thumbs up for turquoise and fluorescent yellow baskets.

Last week I received a refill of grips and baskets from Tehnomat. For several weeks I have been eagerly awaiting these packages, an early Christmas gift. Inside there are two completely new colors: turquoise and fluorescent yellow. Admittedly, I’ve had fluorescent yellow grips in my assortment for quite some time, though no matching baskets. But turquoise … oh dear! My new favorite. What a lovely color!

Over the weekend, I had the opportunity to make a pair of poles with turquoise grips and baskets for a customer, and another pair with turquoise 90 mm baskets. Hopefully, more than just myself and my customers find them enchanting.

Fourteen tints for colorful ski poles

With turquoise and fluorescent yellow, there are now eleven different colors in the palette for grips and a total of 14 for the baskets. I have not been able to find any other ski pole maker with such a large selection. Perhaps this is the most colorful assortment of ski poles offered in the whole world. In all honesty, I must admit that I didn’t plan to have so many different colors to choose from among the baskets. Dark blue and cerise were actually supposed to be regular blue and pink when I ordered them. And the yellow 90 mm basket will be replaced with the fluorescent yellow one. Dark blue, cerise and yellow do not have any matching grips and will therefore never be restocked once they’re sold out.

Here you can see the entire range of colors among grips and baskets. Scroll sideways!

Remember: colors make you happy! And black diamond skiing can be green!

Merry Christmas!

Turquoise and fluorescent yellow grips and baskets for ski poles.
Now, there are turquoise and lemon gems to choose from for your grips and baskets.
Turquoise baskets and grips will become ski poles together with dark brown Calcutta bamboo.
My first ski poles with turquoise baskets and grips are made with dark tanned Calcutta bamboo.
Turquoise bamboo ski poles with grip extensions of reindeer leather and dark tan Calcutta bamboo.
Turquoise bamboo ski poles with grip extensions of reindeer leather and dark tan Calcutta bamboo.
Bamboo ski poles with turquoise grips and baskets in front of a cast iron stove.
I think it’s brutally beautiful with turquoise grips and baskets.
Turquoise, red, fluorescent yellow, cork and off-white ski pole grips and baskets.
My refill from Tehnomat: 45 kg of grips and baskets.
Rimfors makes bamboo ski poles in his workshop one evening when the snow shines in the lamplight outside.
Bamboo Santa is working evenings and weekends all winter long in his workshop.