Bamboo ski poles

Ski poles of bamboo

Eco-friendly bamboo ski poles for alpine skiing – handmade according to your own color choices and preferences. Light and flexible but still strong and durable for energized skiing in all terrain.

1 000 SEK

+ shipping and engraving if selected

Poles are measured by their total length, from the top of the grip to the bottom of the tip. More about selecting length see below!
Any text/logo will be discussed later. More info below!
Note! Only shipping within Sweden. Collect in Kristianstad or Malmö only when possible.
Please note that the ski pole production is done privately and that invoicing therefore is done through Frilans Finans Sverige AB. The terms and conditions are based on the terms that apply to purchases between private individuals in accordance with the Swedish Sales of Goods Act (SFS 1990:931).



Weight: Ca 250 g/pole (Tonkin bamboo). Ca 300 g/pole (Calcutta bamboo). 125 cm length.

Grip: Extra good grip, from rubber-like thermoplastic elastomer (TPE-SEBS). Cork grips weigh 10 grams less per grip and consist of 50% cork/50% TPE-SEBS.

Strap: Can be tightened with just one hand. Made from recycled polypropylene (PP).

Bamboo: Tonkin bamboo (Pseudosasa amabilis) measuring Ø16–18 mm by the grip and Ø14–16 mm by the basket. Calcutta bamboo (Dendrocalamus strictus) measuring Ø17–19 mm by the grip and Ø14–15 mm by the basket.

Basket: Baskets of high-density polyethylene (PE-HD), still flexible at −30ºC. Available in sizes of Ø100 mm, Ø90 mm, or Ø80 mm.

Tip: Hard tip of tungsten carbide (widia) for reliable grip on rocks and ice, mounted in zink-plated steel bracket, mounted in an aluminum ferrule (6026 alloy).

Other material: Strap tightener from leftover aluminum sheets, stainless steel scew (A2), eco-friendly hot melt adhesive of EVA and resin, and polish (linseed oil wax from raw linseed oil and beeswax).

For alpine skiing the pole length is usually 65–70% of your own height. The appropriate pole length for you depends on your height, terrain and personal preferences. Read more on Bergfreunde and try their calculator!

Choose between two distinct types of bamboo: Calcutta bamboo or Tonkin bamboo. They both have advantages. In short, Calcutta bamboo is stronger but heavier (approx. 300 g/pole), and Tonkin bamboo is lighter but not as durable (approx. 250 g/pole). More about the two types of bamboo!

You can choose to have your own custom engraving on an area of maximum 12×130 mm. You also chose between your own text or graphic element, that will be engraved on the opposite side of the Rimfors logo. Any text or logo file will be discussed during the order process. More about custom engraving!

Grips, baskets and carbide tips are manufactured by Tehnomat. Straps are made by Weaver Textile. Ferrules are lathe-turned by Gnosjö Automatsvarvning. The bamboo grows in Guangdong, China and imported by Bamboo Import Europe and HPJ Garden. The Calcutta bamboo grows in India and is directly imported from Calcutta Bamboo. Strap tighteners are made curtesy of Tony Lindberg.

All materials can be energy recycled and are classified as non-harmful by the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation. All materials except from the hot melt adhesive and the linseed oil wax can be reused and recycled. The ski poles are shipped in corrugated cardboard made from recycled paper and corn starch, sealed with tape from recycled paper and potato starch. All done for minimizing the load on climate and a well-functioning circular economy. More about the materials, climate and environment here!

Återvinningstringlar för polypropylen, polyeten, aluminium, stål och wellpapp.