Bamboo ski poles

Light, flexible and tough,
with respect for climate and future winters.




Durable and sustainable

Why ski poles of bamboo?

Well, because bamboo ski poles are both durable and sustainable! Bamboo provides the perfect balance between rigidity and flexibility and doesn’t bend like regular aluminum poles or snap like carbon fiber sticks. But above all, bamboo is eco-friendly and climate-smart as the canes only need sun, soil and rain to create itself. And while it does, bamboo binds carbon dioxide more efficiently than almost any other plant on the planet.

Both Tonkin and Calcutta bamboo are very flexible, but remain straight. If a cane cracks, it will usually do so along the fibers and can be fixed with tape to be able to keep on skiing.
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Color is the new black.
Pick your own colors!

Who are you?

“I love that I can pick the colors of grips and baskets that I can match with my mohawk. Furthermore, these climate-smart poles extend my career.”

Snögubben Sven Plake, skidfilmstjärna och radikal friåkare av rang.
Sven Plake
Snowman & ski legend

“Bamboo ski poles are my cup of tea, and because you can pick any color on grips and baskets they are also perfect for the athletes in the Samurai ski club.”

Stig-Helmer Olsson.
Stig H Olsson
Toaster quality controller

It all began with my great-grandfather

“These bamboo sticks are tougher and don’t kink like regular aluminum poles as soon as I get angry.”

Kalle Anka med bambustavar
Donald Duck

“I’m an old hand at skiing and love things that are long-lasting, like bamboo ski poles. Wish I’d had Rimfors ski poles 4 000 years ago to improve my swag and image.”

The Rødøy skier, a rock carving of a skier, from 2000 BC, discovered in 1933 on the Rødøy island in Norway.
The Rødøy skier
Caveman & Olympic icon

Make your own bamboo ski poles!

“If I’d had these cool bamboo poles I probably could’ve gathered the support of the Dalecarlians already in Mora on the uprising against the Danish king.”

Gustav Vasa med skidor.
Gustav Vasa