Terms and conditions

Of course, we want all our customers to be satisfied with their purchases and products. Since the ski poles are manufactured privately, regular consumer legislation does not apply, as it does not apply to purchases between private individuals. Instead, the Sales of Goods Act (SFS 1990: 931) applies. It is not mandatory, which means that the buyer and seller can agree on terms other than those specified by the law.

Courier service and shipping

No ski poles are manufactured before the payment has been received, and delivery takes place according to our agreement. If the buyer chooses to collect the goods in Brösarp, Kristianstad, Malmö, or elsewhere, it must be collected as soon as possible and within a reasonable time if we have not agreed otherwise. If the goods are shipped, it is delivered by DB Schenker. If you want another courier, for example Bussgods, this must be communicated in the order form.

Returns and the option to return

Because the ski poles are manufactured according to your specific preferences regarding length and color, we do not offer any option to return. We only offer returns if we have delivered defective products or incorrectly in relation to what you have ordered and received confirmation of. In that case, contact us immediately so that we can solve the problem.

For a return to be possible, the ordered item must be in exactly the same condition as when you received it. If you want to return your purchase it must not be used. It must also be packed properly in the same way as it was in the original packaging. You must also contact us before returning anything. Returns must be made within 30 days of receiving the delivery. If more time has passed, we do not offer returns.

If you choose to buy discounted or used products, no returns apply.

Consumer complaints

All bamboo ski poles are carefully inspected before we send them but should a pole break in any way during normal use, you can file a complaint. You must then prove that the ski poles have not broken due to careless handling, because then we do not accept the complaint. But if a pole have broken during normal use and we accept your explanation, we will solve the problem, either by repairing your pole, or by sending replacement parts so that you can repair it yourself.

If you accept these terms and conditions, you also accept that bamboo can break, albeit flexible, strong and durable.

After two years from the purchase, you as the buyer have lost your right to file a complaint about the product.

Buyer and seller’s care obligation

According to the Sales of Good Act, both parties have a care obligation. In other words, the seller is to care for the product on behalf of the buyer if it is not picked up on time. The same applies if the buyer has received the product but must return it to the seller for some reason. Until that time, the buyer is to care for the product on behalf of the seller.

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Buying from an individual

The Sales of Goods Act (SFS 1990: 931)